Are pets allowed in the residences ?

Generally, pets are welcome in most residences with an additional fee of 100€. Please check with our commercial department.



Our residences are no smoking, in case of non respect, there will be charged special cleaning cost between 200 and 400 euros.


What is the diffrence between a studio/flat and a one bedroom ?

A one bedroom flat has separate sleeping quarters.


In which language will the lease be signed ?

By law, the signed lease must be in one of the national languages, in this case French. A free translation is available on our Website: FRENCH Version / ENGLISH Version (PDF).


How do I go about avoiding parking tickets around my residence ?

You have to ask the local borough for a resident parking authorization. Check with our commercial department.


What do I do with my rubbish ?

Sorting of rubbish is obligatory in Brussels and different bags must be used. These bags are sold in all local supermarkets. You will find necessary info on selective waste on the Website http://www.bruxelles-proprete.be . You have to put the rubbish out yourself (Not the maids) on the mentioned days found in the entrance hall of your residence. If your residence has a "rubbish room" you may deposit your "selected rubbish bags" in this area and someone will put the rubbish out for you.


When will my apartment be cleaned? What are the tasks of the cleaning team?

The cleaning days can be found on a board in the main entrance. The maids change the linen and towels every two weeks. They do not have to empty a dishwasher or move your rubbish bags. Your personal affairs must not be left hanging around on cleaning days.


At what time will my apartment be available ?

The apartments are available as from 2pm. If you arrive early and the apartment is empty you may deposit your belongings in one of the rooms pending 2pm (don’t put them in the cupboards as sometimes the cleaning women have not finished the apartment).


At what time must I free the apartment ?

You have to leave, at latest, by noon.


How do I go about obtaining the keys and giving them back ?

Key delivery will be organized on booking. To return them you can drop them off at our office or send them back in the envelope provided by us at the beginning of your stay.


Does the lease have to start on the first day of the month or a Monday ?

No, the lease can start at any period.


What’s happenning if I leave the apartment before the end of my contract ?

Excepted specific agreement with our commercial, the rent continues and has to be paid till the initial/fixed renting period.


Is there a television connection ?

There are "standards" belgian TV pack in the residences. In some residences, these can be upgraded, but it has to be done by tenants.


Should we bring our linen and towels ?

No, the linen and towels are provided. The frequency of changing is precised at the reservation by our commercial.


Is there any telephone line in the apartment ?

The residences are not equipped with a telephone line, but there is internet acces in all residences.